Traducido por Marisol Villela. The first place to start having a sustainable lifestyle is our home. How? Satisfying basic needs and reducing excesses. While reading an article from The Family Watch I found an interesting definition of sustainable family: it is the one that better assures the well being of its members without putting into risk the welfare of society in general and of future generations.

Do you recall our grandmas’ ways? They liked so much to take care of materials, personal garments, and household linen! They did it so the future family could inherit them. They cleaned using the right products so to preserve materials as long as possible. They had plenty of ideas to make the most of food. As a Spanish proverb says: donde comen dos comen tres, there's always room for one more.

With MiCasaSostenible I want to give you tons of ideas to guarantee the well being of your house and your beloved ones so they can be sustained through time. I propose to you ways to assure your Family Diet by eating at home, to master Clothing Care –garments and linen–, to keep a Spotless House, as well as to plan and organize yourself, whether you work at or outside home, and to see our Home as a Professional Work.

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